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Get seen by Google and drive more visitors to your site 

Why do you need a freelance SEO copywriter?

A freelance SEO copywriter helps drive more visitors to your website and turn browsers into buyers. But what is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of ranking a website on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google uses 200+ ranking factors to determine where your website will appear on the SERPs so it’s not a straightforward exercise.

It needs specialist SEO know-how and professional SEO copywriting services.

Be seen by Google and connect with your ideal client

I write for humans first and Google second – it’s the way Google likes it. I weave keywords and more through your copy so it sounds natural and sends the right signals to Google.

The messaging, language and tone place your ideal client at the heart of the copy to create a connection between you and them. You can read more about why and how on the web copywriting page

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Get found by more of the right visitors

By prioritising the topic and addressing keywords second in your content, I give you a better chance of appearing in the SERPs – and being found by your ideal client. 

Today Google understands the meaning and motive behind search phrases to give the searcher what they’re looking for – rather than a list of web pages that include their search phrase. 

Yet keywords still have a big part to play. So I rely on professional SEO tools used by world-leading companies to research, analyse and choose them. I select them to match the searcher’s motives – whether they’re in research or buying mode, or somewhere in between – and I create copy that gives them what they’re looking for.  Good for them, good for Google and even better for you.

Compete with your biggest competitors

I choose topic-related keywords you can realistically rank for rather than the ones dominated by competitors with big budgets. I make sure plenty of people search for them every month and they have a high click potential too.

Often that means using long-tail keywords. They’re ultra specific for a higher conversion rate and because they account for over 70% of click-throughs, they’re a safe strategy. It means every size organisation can compete with the biggest businesses.

I analyse current keywords and your competitors’ to create a keyword strategy that’s less about vanity rankings and all about results.

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Turn your browsers into buyers

Google takes note of how long visitors spend on your site. It’s one of their top ranking factors and the longer the better. I write content that’s highly relevant to your reader and easy to navigate. It’s scannable for the way we read online and engages your visitor from the off. So they browse for longer. Internal links and strong ‘calls to action’ move them from page to page and turn them from browser to buyer.

SEO copywriting services

Keyword review

I review your current ranking keywords and two competitor sites. The results inform copy optimisation and the focus for the keyword strategy. In short, it means I take a considered and more effective approach to making your website Google-friendly.

Keyword research

Keyword research tells me the phrases your ideal clients are using to find services and products like yours. A comprehensive report shows you every keyword considered, their competitiveness and volume. And I map the best keywords and related phrases to new or existing pages and content. 

Copy optimisation

I optimise your existing web pages or write fresh copy using the selected keywords.  That means I hone in on the topic to give the reader what they want and use the keywords in all the right places. I write your copy to keep visitors wanting more so they stay on your site for longer and you get more SEO juice.

Backlink building

Backlinks are links to your website from other sites. And they’re super-powerful when it comes to SEO. I review your existing backlinks and two competitors’ to identity potential opportunities for additional links to your site. 

Technical site audit

Technical factors like crawlability, speed and responsiveness all impact on the SEO friendliness of your site. The site audit highlights all the core technical factors that could affect your site’s SEO along with recommended actions to resolve any issues.

"If you need a competent and creative writer, Jenny is your person."
Anna Goodship - Futures Group Nottingham
Anna Goodship
Head of Marketing and Communications

As a freelance SEO copywriter,
I can help you get found online

Whether you need the complete package or selected parts such as optimised copy, I tailor my SEO copywriting services to suit you.

Hello, I’m Jenny

I’m a freelance copywriter based in Nottingham and York.

I work with charities, and businesses doing good for people and the planet, to help them achieve even more.

My words are made in the East Midlands and Yorkshire, and delivered to clients across the UK.

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