SANDS: Saving babies' lives. Supporting bereaved families.

Impact Report

Jenny helped us translate the incredible results and impact Sands is having into easier-to-understand and inspiring language. She took quite complex information and delivered a very person-centred Impact Report.

She was great at interpreting our brief and understanding the charity. And she went beyond pulling the copy together and used her expertise to recommend how we could bring the report to life through storytelling. She advised on stories and other content that would help too.

Jenny is wonderful to work with – she makes the process incredibly easy and smooth. I was so grateful at a time when I was working across many other projects, to know this was very much in hand. She immediately understood the charity, so the quality of work that came back was great from the beginning.

As a result, we delivered the report on time and in budget through print and in an interactive format.

Samantha Doe
Head of Digital & Engagement

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