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Educational, entertaining and engaging content written to sell without selling 

Why do you need a freelance content writer?

There are big rewards for sites with quality content. But what is quality content?

Topics matched to your ideal client, killer headlines, optimum length articles, copy optimised for search engines and more. And consistency is key too. So time and know-how is crucial to reaping those rewards.

A freelance content writer will help come up with ideas and create regular, high quality content for for your website so you see the benefits sooner.

Drive more visitors to your site

The more (quality) content on your site, the more opportunities you have to show up in Google search results. As a freelance SEO content writer, I optimise every piece of content to make sure it has the best chance of ranking on the results pages. That means more visitors to your site.

Discover how I help you be seen by Google and found by your ideal client on the SEO copywriting services page.

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Increase brand awareness

Content that’s valuable and engaging is more likely to be shared. I write with your ideal client in mind and match the topic to their needs. It’s ultra-useful for them and others like them. So it makes sharing easy. And because every blog helps build your authority in your industry, people are more likely to tell others about you too.

Become an authority in your industry

Content that educates creates confidence in your brand. My articles are well-researched and packed with credibility – they help establish you as the ‘go to’ brand and voice of authority in your industry.  Sharing valuable insights, helpful opinion and quality advice gives readers a reason to trust you, and that’s crucial for creating a connection and earning their custom.

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Generate more leads

By targeting topics at your ideal client, using subtle persuasive language and including strong ‘calls to action’, I write content to move your reader from browser to buyer when the time is right. And because I help your brand be better known and help you become an authority in the industry, your ideal client already knows you, likes you and trusts you. So they’re more ready to do business with you.

"The result was superb. Straightaway Jenny got to grips with how I wanted the letter to come across and easily captured the feel and angle."
Tim Crowch

Ready to reap the rewards of a freelance content writer?

I can turn your thoughts into compelling copy or suggest topics, research the content and write the article. My web content writing services are completely flexible and start from £160.   

Hello, I’m Jenny

I’m a freelance copywriter based in Nottingham and York.

I work with charities, and businesses doing good for people and the planet, to help them achieve even more.

My words are made in the East Midlands and Yorkshire, and delivered to clients across the UK.

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