9.5 ways a professional freelance copywriter can benefit your business

Outsourcing any part of your business is a big deal. There’s the cost to consider, the time you might have to invest and for some, the biggest worry of all – letting someone loose on your pride and joy. I’m a business owner too, so I get it.

As a professional freelance copywriter, I come into contact with other freelancers, and very often we collaborate on projects. And so, I see that (the right) freelancers care about the projects they work on, the businesses they support and the people behind the brand. I know they’re fair with their charges and generous with their time and knowledge.

So while the worries are understandable I recognise that many are unfounded. In most cases, only good can come out of welcoming a fresh perspective, expert opinion and professional support.

Often, professional copywriting comes a poor second when businesses allocate budget to outsourcing. Design often takes priority. But how many times have you been persuaded to purchase by a well-designed piece of marketing material alone?

Benefits of working with a freelance professional copywriter

Good copywriting converts your ideal clients into customers. And that’s just one of the benefits of hiring a professional copywriter. Here’s a little more about that one (because it’s a good one!) plus eight and a half other ways a freelance copywriter can benefit your business:

1. Turn your ideal clients into customers

A good copywriter focuses on your audience. I learn about your ideal client. I recognise what makes them tick and what stops them sleeping at night. And I know how your business solves their problems. As a professional copywriter, I use my insight to create a connection with the reader; to entertain, educate and engage through copy written with them in mind.

2. Be seen by Google

Some freelance copywriters, me being one of them, understand search engine optimisation (SEO). I know how to create content and write copy to help your website appear on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs). I use my experience and expertise to write for humans AND Google so everyone’s happy.

3. Encourage repeat sales and customer loyalty

New customers and clients are important. But let’s not forget about those already using your services or buying your products. Encouraging repeat sales from existing customers is far more cost-effective than going after new ones. Regular communication that adds value is vital to encourage loyalty. Luckily coming up with fresh content is a breeze for a professional copywriter. 

4. Help achieve your broader business goals

Content for the sake of it is pointless. Every good copywriter creates content with your marketing strategy in mind. Its purpose is to achieve your business objectives and contribute to your overall business goals. So, understanding marketing concepts and how to use them is fundamental to copy that helps drive your business in the right direction.

5. Establish you as an authority in your industry

People do business with those they trust. Experienced content creators and copywriters know that to be considered as credible you need to demonstrate your knowledge – regularly. Think about advice, hints and tips, practical guides and little-known knowledge that you could share. As a professional freelance copywriter, I take your expertise and use mine to turn it into content that adds value for your audience and demonstrates your knowledge.

6. Give you more time to get on with what you do best

Most people can write, but copywriting demands more than a well-formed sentence. Too often business owners choose to write their own copy or delegate it to someone equally inexperienced. It costs time and money. And copy that doesn’t hit the mark means you miss out on opportunities. As a professional copywriter, I’ve honed my writing skills over many years and quickly getting to grips with your business is second nature. I’m efficient and effective which means you can leave me to get on with it while you do what you do best.

7. Get your business noticed

The marketplace is crowded. It’s difficult to be seen let alone heard. But you don’t need to be in front of everyone all the time. You only need to be noticed by your ideal clients. With your audience profile up my sleeve, I craft compelling copy that makes them sit up and take notice. I can’t block out the noise, but I can help you say something that’s worth listening to.

8. Get projects off the ground or finished

It happens in every business. Projects get started then something else becomes a priority. Or it’s almost finished, but no one has the time (or inclination) to do the writing part of the project. As a freelance copywriter, I’m familiar with picking up written documents mid-flow and used to joining a project part way through. Whatever it is, I get it working for your business sooner and leave you to get on with your day job.

9. Set your business apart from the rest

Tone of Voice is the character of your business, it’s your brand personality, and it captures what your company stands for. It makes your business distinctive and most of all, memorable. I write using your Tone of Voice to set your business apart and draw the reader closer. And if you haven’t yet discovered your voice, I listen, learn and develop it for you.

9.5. It's a good investment

As a freelance professional copywriter, I bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to your business. With marketing experience too, I often pay for myself many times over.

Can you afford not to invest?

If you have a project in mind or are still on the fence about whether a freelance copywriter is right for your business, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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