14 ways to create valuable content in less time

Creating new content is time-consuming. But content marketing is a must if you want to build your brand. It’s something I talk about more in my blog Coronavirus: How to keep your business healthy and be ready for the new normal. And I share 4 ways to build stronger customer relationships and keep your business top of mind. 

One of the ideas is to dig out that evergreen content – the blogs that stand the test of time and are as relevant today as they’ve always been. Update them to reflect what you’ve learned since, add more recent stats or give a future-focused slant to your message. Reshare them, repurpose them for your socials and reuse the originals across different platforms.

There are many different ways you can update existing content to make it fresh, engaging and even more valuable. Here are 14 ideas to get you started:

How to create valuable content infographic

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